Phoenix Brooch

Phoenix Brooch

Phoenix brooch, beautiful landing in front of the chest.

Phoenix is a kind of divine animal created by primitive human beings who are pious, worshipful and worshipful to gods.

It is also the totem of the Chinese nation, advocating phoenix, and is a strong national complex.

The Chinese have endowed Phoenix with many beautiful features: beauty, auspiciousness, kindness, tranquility, virtue and nature.

Phoenix Brooch, we use simplicity to depict beauty.

This Brooch shines charming and shines in natural light.

Phoenix Brooch

Give you elegance, spirituality and charm. Create a sense of giving up who I am and who the Phoenix is in the world.

We capture the inspiration of nature and will believe in love and share the idea of love.

Integrating into the simple design, Phoenix brooch has a variety of materials, including alloy, gold and silver plating.

With high-grade materials, elaborate production, super color retention, style atmosphere,

Fine workmanship, fashion, not easy to fall off, design, there is also a protective layer, will not stab the skin.

Phoenix is a bird in people\’s minds, a symbol of peace in the world.

Ancient people believed that when the time was peaceful and prosperous, there would be Phoenix flying. Phoenix brooch, whether worn by men or women, will show elegance.