Peking Opera Facebook Badge

Peking Opera Facebook Badge

Peking Opera Facebook is a special cosmetic method with Chinese cultural characteristics. Facebook badges are one of the best interpretations of the quintessence of Chinese opera by Beijing opera enthusiasts.

Peking Opera Facebook is a general way of make-up for every historical figure or a certain type of person, just like singing and playing music according to the music score, so it is called “Facebook”. Facebook badges are equally wonderful. As for the origin of Facebook, it is generally said that it comes from masks.

Facebook is different for different businesses. “Sheng” and “Dan” facial make-up is simple, slightly applied fat powder, called “handsome dress”, “plain face” and “clean face”. The “clean line” and “scandal” facial painting is more complex, especially the “clean line”, are re-painted, complex patterns, so called “face”. If you don’t know, you can come here to see the color of the Facebook badge.

Peking Opera Facebook Emblem Art is a favorite art emblem of the vast number of opera enthusiasts. It is very popular at home and abroad, and has been recognized as one of the symbols of traditional Chinese culture. There are three main features of Facebook: the contradiction and unity of beauty and ugliness, which are closely related to the character of the character, and its pattern is stylized.

Peking Opera Facebook originated from life. It is also closely related to each character’s age, physiology, experience and natural conditions of life. Therefore, the Beijing Opera Facebook badge is based on life, but also a summary of life.