Old Couple Enamel Pins

The enamel pins for the old couple

Walking through the door, I saw the old lady wearing a enamel pin of paint on her collar. She greeted us warmly.

She is a sunny, cheerful and vigorous old lady. As strong as that hard enamel pin shining on the shirt.

When greeting, the old man lay motionless in the single bed in the living room.

His bed was close to the middle of the fabric sofa, with a tiny ventilator beside his pillow.

With the gas pipeline hanging over our heads, we exchanged greetings with the old lady loudly.

He was still lying quietly.

The old lady said that her husband had Parkinson\’s disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and lung diseases.

Life can no longer take care of itself.

Old Couple Enamel Pins

The Story of the Old Man

I approached the old man\’s bed.

“Uncle,” he shouted.

The old man opened his eyes and seized his hand excitedly.

He blurred out a few words: “She is coming!” and his face burst into an exciting smile.

Feeling like an old man can\’t speak clearly,

It\’s inconvenient to move, but still clear-headed.

I randomly hugged his back, lifted him and supported him.

Slowly move him to the wheelchair.

Then push the wheelchair around the tea table.

He was moved from his wheelchair to the sofa to sit down.

Old man\’s face has been wearing a smile, eyes are not on the desktop of that enamel pins and custom victory coin award box.

I feel like an old man with a heart full of sunshine.

I walked to the TV wall and looked at the picture frames hanging on the wall.

In the frame is an enlarged photograph.

A straightforward man wore a hat and sunglasses and a light square suit in a lobby.

Behind him came a group of Chinese and Europeans.

Cool to the tongue.

At the bottom of the photograph, a line was written in pen: “An Investigation in the Belgian Government, 1989”.

The old man looked at me with a smile when he saw the picture.

I am 83 years old and 54 years old when I went to Belgium.

Because of cerebral infarction, the lungs are not very full, the voice is very heavy and the words are ambiguous.

But what he meant was clear to me.

I know that the fashionable, handsome man in the picture is the same one!