Mudui Gong Yan Enamel Pins

Dunk master

Mudui Gong Yan Enamel Pins

The Duke Mudui’s badge tells us a truth about what a green leaf should do. Not everyone in a dunk team is a flower, and the twilight is a green leaf. Let’s see how he does it. Our custom enamel pins at cheap price. Our custom coins also at cheap price.

Mudui Gong Yan is gentle and kind, wearing glasses, is the most graceful image of a gentleman in the badge. He has a good sense of teamwork and dedication. As the vice-captain of the North Hunan Basketball Team, Mudui Gongyan is a classmate with Akimu from junior high school to senior high school. Mudui joined the basketball team because he wanted to exercise in middle school.

But boring basic skills training and hard physical fitness, the lesson once let him retreat, once in a conversation with Akamu, he was bored to play with the badge in his hands, listening to Akamu’s dedication to basketball, was moved by Akamu’s firm and perseverance, choose to continue to adhere to the basketball dream.

After entering high school, Mudui and Akimu joined the North Hunan Basketball Team together, and Mitsui’s participation in the middle school made it possible for Mudui to once think of his dream of “dominating the whole country”. However, Mitsui’s injuries and degeneration made all of this come to naught. He threw his favorite badge on the ground in a rage, which also became the biggest pain in Mudui’s heart.

Over the past two years, northern Hunan has relied on the hard support of red wood. Although the strength of wood dusk is limited, it has never been slack. In the summer of Senior Three, the addition of cherry trees, Liuchuan and the return of Mitsui and Miyagi have given him renewed hope. They tied the lucky badges of five people tightly together. Mudui said that even if he was allowed to play as a substitute, he would go all out to fight.

As a basketball player, Mudui also reflects the qualities a player should have. The Duke Mudui’s badge shows us that even small people can be awe-inspiring.