Mountain Crystal Glitter Enamel Lapel Pins

Mountain Crystal Glitter Enamel Lapel Pins

Do you like the mountain crystal glitter pins?  Rock crystal is a kind of rare mineral, gemstone, quartz crystal.

The main chemical composition is silica.  Our rock crystal lapel pins are filled with the different enamel glitter colors.  Just feel free to contact us get your best design crystal glitter pins.

The different color crystal glitter enamel pins means different meaning.

Why crystal lapel pins?

Before design the crystal lapel pins, let us learn more about it.

There is nothing purest in the world than crystal.

The Meaning of Different Colors of Crystals Enamel Lapel Pins.

1. White Crystal Enamel Pins (CRYSTAL CLEAR): The most representative gemstone with the most functions.  It has the function of storing memory and helping to concentrate. It is the synthesis of all energy. Most of the crystal clusters themselves are endless, which can purify the negative energy around them, commonly known as “shake gas”, and can eliminate electrical radiation.

2. CITRTNE Enamel Pins: It’s the birthstone of November. It’s mainly about money. It often brings unexpected wealth. For impulsive personality, this gem can calm the mood and eliminate fatigue.

3. Amethyst Enamel Pins (AMETHYST):  Contact with Amethyst can increase spirituality and wisdom. Putting Amethyst Cluster will make people feel happy and less desirable. Ancient people thought that it can avoid evil, protect body, bring happiness and longevity, and detoxify and avoid injury, like amulet.

Let me know which color crystal glitter enamel pins you want? We will design the crystal pins for you free. And all pin order no minimum limited.

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