Miyagi Liangtian Enamel Lapel Pins

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Miyagi Liangtian Custom Enamel Pins

Let me use Miyagi’s Liangtian lapel pins to tell you that basketball is not just a game for tall people. Make custom enamel basketball lapel pins, make Miyagi custom pins no minimum order.

Miyagi Liangtian is a short man with ear nails, a towel on his head and a basketball badge. He runs very fast. His dream is to be the first guard in Kanagawa. His classic quote is: “Someday I’ll be called Kanagawa’s chief defender. Now I’m just a competent player.”

As Sakurai’s best friend on the basketball team, Miyagi Liangtian came out a little later because of the fight with the bad group. He returned from the hospital after playing the practice match in northern Hunan. He did not know Sakurai, but when he spoke about his experience of being dumped, he cherished Sakurai and became good friends, and gave his most cherished basketball badge to Sakurai, and then passed it on to Sakurai. More basketball skills.

Miyagi’s height suffered a lot in the competition, but he became Kanagawa’s excellent point guard with his efforts and the speed of electric spark. The runner in the badge is Miyagi’s Liangtian. But he has a bigger ambition – defeating Fujimoto and the squire to become the chief guard of Kanagawa. It is this fearless ambition that makes a small man become a good basketball player.

His love for basketball and basketball badges is admirable, but his unruly publicity and ruffian character, put on the court, that is, never surrender to defeat, dare to fight for a spirit.