Mitsui Shou Lapel Pins

Dunk master

Mitsui Shou Badge

Mitsui Shou badge, a man who rises up in degeneration, turns around because of basketball.

Mitsui in this badge is brave and strong. He has the will power beyond everyone’s imagination. His graceful shooting posture and precise three-point shooting are unforgettable. He often said, “I am Mitsui, a man who never gives up.”

Mitsui Shou Lapel Pins

In dunk master cartoons, he doesn’t appear as the protagonist, but in our badge he is the protagonist. Mitsui Shou, a man who graduated from Wushi Middle School, is a MVP player in the middle age. Everyone in Kanagawa knows his name.

Because of his personal hatred with Sakurai and Miyagi, as well as his resentment for the basketball team in recent years, Mitsui led a bad group to siege the northern Hunan team, and the scars of Mitsui’s past fighting were uncovered bit by bit. Finally, under the influence of coach Anxi, the prodigal son turned back.

Mitsui has to face a lot of problems: physical decline, team status change, and his own regret and recovery for that period of youth. On the road of Mitsui’s self-redemption, men’s strength, brotherhood, dreams and love are reflected everywhere.

Mitsui’s self-change made him the most inspiring man in the cartoon. It is also a rare classic figure in our badge.