Mink cicada Brooch worshiping the moon

Mink cicada Brooch worshiping the moon

Mink cicada is the daughter of Situ Wang Yun in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. The mink cicada in the brooch is very beautiful, and it has a beautiful appearance.

Mink cicada is one of the four beautiful women in ancient China, and is also the only one among them that only exists in fiction and drama without historical records. Buy the custom cheap coins no minimum order. Mink cicadas knew that the Eastern Han Dynasty was manipulated by the traitor Dong Zhuo. They knelt and burned incense in the evening to pray to God in front of the bright moon, hoping to share their worries with their masters.

When the mink cicada on the brooch worshipped the moon in the back garden, a light wind suddenly blew, and a cloud covered the bright moon. At that time, Wang Yun saw it. In order to publicize how beautiful his daughter is, Wang Yun said to everyone that my daughter is better than the moon, but the moon is better than the moon. She hides behind the clouds. Therefore, the mink cicada has been given a “closed moon” reputation.

In the mink cicada’s brooch, she worshipped the moon at midnight. In the month, Chang’e was ashamed of herself and rushed into the clouds. Mink cicada had beautiful body, fine ears and green rings, with willows in fashion, elegant and superfluous in quiet time, and small details reflected taste.

The beauty of mink cicada Brooch lies in that it breaks the hard world dominated by men with the gentleness of women. Throughout the millennium, ancient Chinese beauty, with the beauty of her life, tells us a beautiful legend.