Mexican Wall enamel lapel pins

Mexican Wall enamel pins

Custom enamel pins express your position on building the Mexican Wall.

On the 25th, the deadlock that has lasted for 35 days in the US government closed suddenly turned a corner.

That afternoon, President Trump delivered a speech at the White House announcing that the government would reopen for three weeks in a short time.

Congress will continue to negotiate the budget during this period.

Trump can get the money to build a wall by declaring a state of emergency?

According to CNN,

Trump has not ruled out using his power to declare a state of emergency.

And the possibility of instructing the Ministry of Defense to build a border fence.

Although Trump’s advisers still disagree on the issue,

But the White House has been pushing for alternative plans to bypass Congress.

Until last week, the White House was updating the statement.

Once Trump made a statement, he would not have to wait for Congress to approve the construction of the boundary wall.

Trump can also wear his own custom border wall badge. Vote.

When the boundary wall is ready, you can make custom coins.

The closure of the federal government could also end.

According to the plan considered by the White House, the Trump Administration plans to withdraw $681 million from the confiscated revenue of the Treasury Department and $3.6 billion from military construction.

It received $3 billion from the Civil Engineering Foundation of the Ministry of Defense and $200 million from the Department of Homeland Security to build fences.

At that time, the United States will send army engineers to the border between the United States and Mexico to build fences.

The White House said Trump was open to new proposals.

But the prerequisite is that Congress must agree to pay a “huge down payment” for the construction of the wall.

However, Senate Democratic leader Schumer pointed out that Senate Democrats have shown Republicans that “they will not support funding for the fence”.

Trump pointed out: “We have no choice but to have walls or barriers. If not, the border would not be safe.”