Mermaid Enamel Lapel Pins

Mermaid Enamel Lapel Pins

Today, we use this little brooch to tell a beautiful mermaid love story. Our custom mermaid enamel lapel pins at cheap price no minimum order. We also make custom cheap coins.

Legend has it that Hailong King’s little daughter fell in love with a prince in the world. In order to fall in love with the prince and become a lifelong companion, she left her family and relatives, surrendered her beautiful and moving voice, and endured endless pain every day. But the prince finally failed to marry her, because the king chose the princess of his neighboring country as his wife. On the second day after the prince’s marriage, the mermaid became a bubble and rose to the sky as the sun rose.

The Mermaid in the brooch, hesitating and meditating, shows that the mermaid misses her loved Prince and her relatives. She gazed at the humans on the ground, hoping to be one of them. But it did not achieve what it hoped, so it felt sad and painful from the bottom of my heart.

This Little Mermaid brooch has become a symbol of love in Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid, also a world-famous bronze statue, is located in Langelinie Park, northeast of downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, and has become a symbol of Denmark. In the brooch, you can see from a distance that this Mermaid with fish tail is sitting on a huge granite, quiet and elegant, leisurely and complacent; approaching this bronze statue, you can see a sad young girl, and miss his lover again. The bronze statue is about 1.5 meters tall and the cornerstone is about 1.8 meters in diameter. It was created by Edvard Eriksen, a Danish sculptor, according to Andersen’s fairy tale The Daughter of the Sea. Those who wish to get the brooch will be married.