Meeting badge

Meeting badge

The first encounter is beautiful, quiet in every badge of the ocean.

Like you, the emblem moistens my nearly dry heart like a drizzling rain, like a gust of breeze, blowing away my endless worries. Under the Huating Moon, that wipe of mandarin ducks and jasmines, dressed in a purple-and-white skirt, intertwined in the hazy moonlight.

I gently hold it up, pin on the badge of love, and write a wisp of deep yearning in the years of acquaintance. Whether life is good or bad, pick up your mood and move on.

Meeting badge

Don\’t miss a little badge, it will bring you harvest every rainy season, wet your heart. If you miss this person, you may meet the next one. But the real forgetting is not to stop thinking, but to think of you when there are no waves inside.

We grow up to be adults and begin to learn to hide, although hiding is only for the sake of not being hurt so much. Like you, badges are admirers when you are in love, intimate friends when you talk, comforters when you are in pain, and most of the time, keep a moderate distance.

It\’s not too late for you to meet the badge. Although it’s too late, it’s too late to leave. Living the day you like is the best day; as long as you live the way you like, it is the best way to live.

Meet badge, badge like you!