Meaning Of White Horse Lapel Pins

What is the symbolic meaning of white horse Lapel pins?

Does its identity cause misfortune? What is nobility behind? Do you like the white horse enamel lapel pins? We do it and no minimum.

We don’t know much about the badge of the horse.

But as the old saying goes, fight on horseback.

If we say that guns and cannons are very scary nowadays,

If we say in ancient times, cavalry is the external hang of ancient times.

For many reasons,

A powerful cavalry is an invincible advantage.

If they meet cavalry, the infantry will be quite passive.

With its huge body and fast speed, plus some spikes from horses, it will be a challenge.

It also illustrates one thing, one obvious thing.

In the Song Dynasty, if there was a battle, the most common battle was to use cavalry, which lost very little in the war.

Thousand-mile horse Lapel Pins gallop along with you. Make an embroidery patches for your horse, and make your cushion, too.

But in retrospect, a lot of people have won them.

But it can be said that a country without cavalry would be a big problem.

This is often said in fiction books.

It\’s the general who suddenly rushes across the street on a white horse in the evening, or in his own barracks.

Then they started killing and killing, and then they highlighted the encirclement.

Compared with what you’ve seen on TV,

Neglectable is the reason why it must be a white horse.

Or was the white horse very rare in ancient times?

Yes, white horses are very rare.

But if its color is very pure。

Meaning Of White Horse Lapel Pins

Why like white horse pins

Why are white horses seldom seen on the battlefield or at the top of the canyon?

This requires the understanding and recognition of White Horse from the Romance Novels.

To say one we all know is Tang Sanzang.

We can hear the white dragon horse mentioned in the song, and some people say that it is a symbol of identity.

It also appeared in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Zhao Yun used to ride a white horse to battle in blood.

White horses are so attractive. So many people like white horse enamel pins, or white horse, enamel custom coins.

In the past, Yue Fei has had scenes with it, but still a relatively small number of people use it on the battlefield. One is that there are not many white horse breeds. The second is that if the person who owns it must be a general or a marshal, or nobody else does it, it is a perfect punctuation point in front of the enemy. We can suddenly kill the marshal in front of us together, and if we ride on a white horse in the battlefield.

The bull a little Archer takes minutes to fix him. If he does not have the backbone, naturally he will no longer be able to maintain his soldier’s heart, and the result is obvious. The use of cavalry in Li Shimin of Tang Dynasty was also quite fierce. The most common use was to see him often fight with cavalry because of this. Of course, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Pound was always good at calculating. On the contrary, Zhuge Liang was not very shrewd. When Liu Bei rode on a white horse, he ordered that the people riding the white horse should be killed with a huge reward. But it was precisely because of these factors that he finally used a piece of stolen beams to exchange pillars for his own lives.