The Meaning of Dragon Label pins

The Meaning of Dragon Label pins

The dragon design badge has some characteristics and different implications.

The protruding forehead is a sign of wisdom.

Antlers indicate community and longevity.

The ear of the ox is the leading moral.

The tiger’s eye shows dignity.

The claw is brave.

Sword eyebrow symbolizes heroic force.

Lion nose complex symbolizes precious;

Goldfish tail symbolizes flexibility.

Horsetooth symbolizes diligence and kindness.

Dragon enamel pins and dragon custom coins, symbolizing a spirit, are totems of a nation.

It is of extraordinary significance. It is the unification of a nation and a region.

The Meaning of Dragon Label pins

Dragon badge design:

Yunlong of Shihua Waterfront in front of Tiananmen,

Panyun Longshi Pillar of Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong Province,

The dragon bed of the Palace Museum and so on are the marks of imperial power in history. So the dragon\’s badge is a symbol of Royal power.

But the Phoenix bird has more secular human feelings and less divinity.

The old saying is “there are phoenixes coming to the instrument” and “phoenix flying”.

This ideal soul bird has always been regarded as the incarnation of auspicious happiness, and also symbolizes the perfect love.

The theme of “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang” is comparatively marvelous in palace art.

The dragon is the emperor, while the Phoenix is the symbol of the female concubine.

Today, the custom lapel pins of dragons and phoenixes have been re-integrated with the enthusiasm of millions of people for artistic creation.

In the fields of architecture, sculpture, painting and arts and crafts, it has gained infinite artistic life.

Custom embroidery patches with dragon patterns are highlighted as the “dragon robe” of the Son of Heaven.

Its color is bright and yellow, the leaders are all embroidered with stone and blue pieces of gold, embroidered with bronze and dragon nine, with five colored clouds.

The front and back dragons are one each, and the left and right dragons are one each.

Dragon robe is the Supreme dress.