Masonic Enamel Lapel Pins

Masonic Pins

Better Finish Ltd, provide the masonic enamel lapel pins with top classic quality. Our inspection system insure every unit with soft enamel or hard enamel colors are perfect quality arts.

Most our masonic pins are hard enamel color lapel pins. Using the zinc alloy material, with butterfly clutch backing.

We produce and wholesale the masonic enamel pins at cheap factory price, no minimum order.

Somethings about masonic.

Masons, meaning “free stonematons”
The full name is “Free and Accepted Masons”.
It is a kind of fraternal organization with religious color, and is also the largest secret organization in the world.

Germany masonic¬†is the earliest use of the compass, as Masons’ Guild records logo.
At the meeting of the Mason club in Strasbourg at the end of fifteenth Century,
This is the organization of the Mason handcrafted guild.

A Freemason is not a religion,
It belongs to a secret association,
There is no requirement for the applicant to have religious belief or any religious background.
Allow adult men to have all kinds of religious beliefs to join,
But the applicant must be a Theism (can be Jewish, Christian, India, etc.), believing there is a God.

How to design the Masonic enamel lapel pins?

Almost all the masonic enamel pins are with blue hard enamel color. We use the square and compasses to design most masonic lapel pins.

Square and Compasses is the only freemason identifiable emblem.
It’s the most freemasons’ sign.
It derives the different regions’ emblem. Compasses and Square are both Mason’s tools.
The square moment is the badge of the tutor of the club.

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