Make your own enamel pins

How to make your own enamel pins?

To make the custom enamel pins yourself?  check following YouTube video.

Are there too complex steps? You don’t know how to adjust the enamel colors? Or you want to make not only one unit? You can find a professional guy help you.

Before making custom enamel pins, let’s answer the following questions.

  1. What enamel color you need, soft enamel or hard enamel?
  2. Will you specify the metal material, iron, bronze, cooper or zinc alloy meta?
  3. What plating color you like, gold, silver, black plating?
  4. How big size you want, one inch or bigger pin?
  5. Do you need special backing, butterfly clutch, or safe pin is ok for you?
  6. How many units you want to make?
  7. Is cheap lapel pin acceptable for you, or you want the top class expansive unit?
  8. Do you want to get the pins in short time or little long time no problem?
Deisgn VS Sample

Deisgn VS Sample

Ok, now check and answer the questions one by one.

First question, learn what is soft enamel and what is hard enamel color, you will get answer what you like.

Iron material is normal selection, bronze and cooper will cost you little more, zinc alloy is for custom complex shaped pins, like the one with many cut out holes.

Silver is shinny nickle silver color, which is durable than other plating. Gold pins can be 18K gold plating. Black will be pure black color.

From 0.75 inch to 3 inch big size, any size no problem.

Butterfly clutch is standard backing, magnets and safe pins also welcome.

Small order enamel pins also won’t cost much, if you can choose the right type enamel pins.

There are one type called button pin is cheapest pin if the budget not enough.

Fast shipping time cost more than slow delivery. Fast shipping time means 3-4 days, slow delivery means half month.

Better Finish Ltd, also custom make coins, award medals.