the lucky pig enamel pins

In real life, many people get rich by raising pigs*

Pork is also indispensable to the Chinese people’s dining tables.

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Pigs are very frequent in our lives.

In the old days, people called pigs “black gold” and homophonic “house gold”.

Meaning to recruit money into the household. In addition, because pigs often use their noses for food, they do not rely on others.

So it also implies self-reliance.

It is precisely because of these auspicious statements that the image of the lucky pig has gradually become popular among the people.

It is regarded as a symbol of good fortune.

First, the implication of enamel pins.

Pigs symbolize wealth and auspiciousness in the history of Chinese traditional culture.

The house of the house symbolizes the house and the lower part is the pig.

Housing plus the word “Hai” (wealth) equals home.

So where there is home, there should be a blessing pig.

The appearance of a pig is chubby and round. It is a symbol of wealth and good fortune traditionally considered.

Therefore, when people create Fengshui and choose accessories for transportation, they are especially fond of fortune pig.

Throughout history, worship and sacrifice are the major events.

There will be pigs *. In addition to the ability to absorb wealth,

They can also guard their homes, boost their fortune and protect their family’s health.

This is because pigs are physically strong and usually ill, so they have become the animals of Ankang.

The homestead is because the pig is large and heavyweight, and it has the function of removing the evil from the house. It is because pigs can eat, sleep and grow fat.

Two, the badge of the badge or the material of custom pig coins.

We should pay attention to the choice of fortune pig.

In terms of material, pure copper is the best, because in geomancy,

There are many spiritual evil spirits which belong to the soil of the five elements, especially the greatest evil spirits.

Wuhuang Dasha belongs to the five elements of earth and fire.

To defuse these evil spirits, the Five Elements Gold is the first choice.

Because native gold, gold can vent the earth’s gas.

Five elements fire can also be consumed with gold.

So the metal is the best material, in terms of practicality and Chen Ben.

Pure copper material is most in line with these points, so a large number of Fengshui jewelry on the market are based on pure copper material.

Not only the badge of pigs, but also the embroidery patches of pigs.