Loyal dog enamel lapel pins

A loyal dog pin

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Dogs are friends of human suffering.

Being regarded as a human animal, it is especially loyal to human beings.

Therefore, dog lapel pins have the meaning of loyalty.

Examples such as “Shepherd dog 3,000 miles” and “Savior of a righteous dog” illustrate this point very well.

“Dog and horse work” is also used as a metaphor for loyalty.

As the earliest domesticated livestock of mankind,

Loyal dog enamel lapel pins

The existence and evolution of dogs are inextricably linked with the development of human civilization.

Westerners eulogize it with exquisite works of art.

It is also regarded as the most loyal guardian. The dog enamel pins can always be with you. The dog custom patches also can always be with you.

But dogs always have a low status in the mind of Chinese people.

This can be seen from the unearthed archaeological discoveries in China.

Most anticipated is that in the strata of Zhoujia Youfang, Yushu County, Jilin Province, China,

That is, the late Pleistocene of the Paleolithic Age, about 26,000 to 10,000 B.C.

A large number of mammalian fossils have been found, in addition to human fossils.

The “semi-fossil” skull of a domestic dog can also be used as a badge design.