Libya Enamel Lapel Pins

Libya Enamel Pins

Buy our custom enamel lapel pins fro Libya local market. Our Libya enamel pins are with soft enamel or hard enamel color. You can buy small order from our company, no minimum. The hard enamel pins are welcome in Libya.

Kind customer service, best prices, and jewelry quality products are just a few reasons. That is why Better Finish Ltd is your custom Enamel lapel pin manufacturer of choice. Our soft enamel pins will help you save much money. Hard enamel pins will let you get more and more 5 stars feedback. Better Finish Ltd, free design and make different selection pins for the Libya clients. Some clients may want the imitation hard enamel and offset print lapel pins. Learn more feel free contact us.

Libya custom features.

The Arabs most time wear national clothing, a loose robe. Women are wrapped up in the whole head and hand and foot. Only the eyes see the special Islamic church-ism in Libya. The religious etiquette of the Muslim countries is very strict, and talks with the people of Libya to meet and fight. Dealing with others, follow general Arabia etiquette and social customs.

Arrange meetings in Libya as early as possible and arrive on time. Libya people use time very flexibly. They do not follow the schedule very much. Inviting meals or more receptions is a general form of hospitality. There are strict provisions on Prohibition of alcohol. If invited to Libya to eat, only men can participate, and to bring gifts for the hostess, not to bring gifts for his wife.

The Arabs are paternal. The names reflect the blood relationship, and the names are arranged in a certain order: my name, father’s name, grandfather’s father’s name and family name. The Berber family has a family system of monogamy. Parents in the family are male and family members must act according to their parents’ requirements.

Libya Enamel Lapel Pins

What Libya people like, the colors, the animals

Enamel colors are the important factors in the custom enamel pins. If you design the lapel pins using the favorite colors for local market, it will more popular and hot sell.

People in Libya like green, and regard green as a symbol of revolution, which means victory and auspiciousness, and taboo black. And pig, cat and female body are taboo patterns.

Our company not only produce custom enamel pins. We do the custom medals , custom coins, custom patches at cheap price, no minimum order too.