Legend of Bowknot Enamel Pins

Legend of Bowknot Enamel Pins

It was a desolate night in the yard of the palace, and the breeze was blowing a creepy chill through the air. The twilight enlightened the yard, and the trees influenced delicately in the breeze. In the shadows, a figure arose. It was a knight, wearing a shroud and holding a bow and bolt with a butterfly lacquer pin secured to it. The knight was on a mission, and they had been sent here to track down something of extraordinary worth.

The knight crawled through the yard, advancing towards the palace entrance. As they ventured nearer, a noisy thunder broke overhead, frightening the knight and sending them into a frenzy. They immediately recuperated, however, and proceeded with their excursion.

When they were inside the palace, they were met with an odd sight. The walls were enhanced with unusual images, and the furniture was strangely positioned. In the focal point of the room was a huge table with a solitary flame consuming on it. The knight realize that something was off, and they must watch out.

Out of nowhere, a voice ended the quiet. It was a profound, rough voice that appeared to come from the shadows. “Welcome, fearless knight,” it said. “I’m the gatekeeper of this palace, and I have been anticipating you. I have something that you look for, and I will possibly give it to you in the event that you can answer a conundrum.”

The knight was shocked by the odd solicitation, however they had overcome much to turn around now. They consented to the test and requested that the gatekeeper give them the enigma.


“What has four wings yet can’t fly?” The watchman answered.

The knight thought briefly, and afterward the response came to them. “A butterfly!”

The gatekeeper gestured and said, “Excellent. You have addressed accurately. As your prize, I give you this bow and bolt with a butterfly veneer pin secured to it. It is a strong weapon, and it will work well for you on your excursion.”

The knight said thanks to the gatekeeper and immediately left the palace. They had their award, and they were prepared to proceed with their central goal. As they left, the knight really wanted to wonder about the force of the bow and bolt with the butterfly lacquer pin. They realize that it would work well for them on their excursion.