Key Shaped Custom Enamel Lapel Pins

Key Shaped Pins

Our custom design key shaped lapel pins, made from zinc alloy material. Most key enamel pins are with soft enamel or hard enamel colors. The 3D key shape lapel pins are die struck pins using the zinc alloy material. Our factory do the custom shaped key lapel pins at cheap price, 100% quality guaranteed.

About the key pin

The Key is representative on numerous levels. It can remain for holding information and power, opening a man’s heart or the sentiment having flexibility and freedom throughout everyday life. In Ionia, Turkey there was a convention to cover the dead with an iron key as it was imperative the dead could open the way to the Underworld. These make our Antique Key Pin an incredible present for friends and family, your congregation, or even self-pride. A lovely 3-D cast from goldsmith’s metal antique gold plated with a heart cut-out. Every accompany a standard grasp back and is separately poly sacked.

The keys are in the heart.

Key Shaped Custom Enamel Lapel PinsKey lapel pins will be the important gift for your friends.

Key Open the warm door. If you lost it, you’ll pick it up.

No opportunity to smell the fragrance of flowers.  Sow the seeds

Hope is in the spring

No way to go, turn around

And there must be another world

Deep and bright sunshine

If you stick to it, look for it

You will enter the scenery after the wind and rain.

The key, in the heart

Most designer like use the key to design the pin gifts, also use it to design key patches, key medals, key coins, key chains and so on.

Luck Key, will let you be lucky.