Jordan Enamel Lapel Pins

Jordan Lapel Pins

Jordan enamel lapel pins can be hard enamel, also can be soft enamel and offset print, or the photo print lapel pins. Custom design your own enamel lapel pins for Jordan market. We can help you design and produce the Jordan lapel pins at competitive price, no minimum order.

Custom Enamel lapel pins are perfect for any company, association or event. Whether you need a Enamel lapel pin for trade shows, giveaways, employee appreciation or product branding, our pins make a great impression. Let us help you create the right design for your organization or event.Most our clients like the soft enamel pins and the hard enamel pins.Total free artwork design, professional making, fast delivery of any selection pins for the Jordan clients. Some clients also want the imitation hard enamel and offset print lapel pins. Learn more feel free contact us.

What is the Jordan custom features.

Why need to learn custom before design custom enamel pins?

In Jordan, you need to know what thing need to do.

1, shake hands with people during the meeting, but be aware that women wearing veils may not shake hands with you.

2, stand up when greeting a person.

3, after a cup of Arabia coffee, swaying cups on both sides do not want to drink again, if you want to come back, you can pass the cup directly to the person with the coffee pot.

4, if the host asks you to drink Arabia coffee, you’d better accept it. Because coffee represents an important cultural symbol of hospitality, it is a symbol of good intentions to invite and accept coffee.

5, it is best to bring enough change, Jordan people generally do not have enough change.

6, unless the service charge is included in the bill, it is better to tip the waiter 10%.

7, when the taxi drivers pay the fare, they usually add the odd number to the integer.

8, when shopping, you need to bargain.

9, it is best to wear something conservative in public places in Jordan.

10, please note that compared with westerners, Arabs are closer to each other when they talk.

11, you can consume alcoholic beverages at any cost, but do not drink in public places.

Jordan Enamel Lapel Pins

To design the custom enamel lapel pins for Jordan country, also need to know something you can’t do.

Do not do things

1, if you see a Muslim praying in a public place, do not disturb or walk in front of him or her.

2, do not eat, drink or smoke in public places during Ramadan.

3, do not wear too much exposure when walking outside.

4, if Arabia acquaintances kissing your cheeks do not panic, because Arabia’s traditional etiquette is to kiss each other on the cheek to express the warmth of welcome and friendship.

5, if the master insisted that you eat more, do not feel uncomfortable, because the Arabs traditionally think that food is a kind of hospitality, generous and good, they think the more the better!

6, don’t think you have to tip the taxi driver. In Jordan, the taxi driver’s tip is not necessary, of course, if the tip is paid, the other party will be grateful.

Together with the flag pins, you also can do custom patches, custom medals business in the Jordan market.