Jade chicken Enamel Lapel Pins

Jade chicken Enamel Pins

In our daily life, chicken is the most common poultry and delicious food on our table.

But in the old days, especially in the jade carving Enamel Lapel pins.

Jade chicken is a legendary divine chicken, which exists in various mythological stories.

We do the jade carving chicken lapel pins no minimum order, at cheap price.

So it has been placed a lot of good wishes by people.

Chicken fuses the sincere feelings of the people’s life.

It\’s a kind of crown on the top of the head with a distance between the heels.

The sound is sharp, the vigil is constant, the mascot of the dawn.

But the meaning of chicken can be said to be more than one, for example, the meaning of broiler is “auspicious”;

Egg laying implies “luck”, “life” and “reproduction” and so on.

Xiaobian interprets the meaning of chicken according to its “homophonic” and “living habits”.

Jade chicken Enamel Lapel Pins

According to the implication of homonym

Many people regard it as an auspicious thing, which is basically due to the homonym of “chicken” in “auspicious”.

Carving jade into lapel pins with chicken motifs symbolizes the good fortune of business.

Families can be safe and sound.

Secondly, the chicken has a huge red crown, red is the symbol of our country’s celebration.

With the homonym of crown and “official”, it also has the meaning of Tengda.

Therefore, the badges or custom enamel coins of chicken carving also symbolize the prosperity of the cause, the prosperity of the people, the rise of festivals, the pride of the official circles, the prosperity of official fortune and so on.

The implication of living habits

1. Chickens, especially cocks, are tenacious and energetic.

In the flock of chickens, he is bold and masculine.

It symbolizes the tenacity, health and longevity of life.

2. Generally, after the chicken crows,

The sun will rise and the earth will turn from darkness to light.

Therefore, Jade Chicken also symbolizes light and hope.

3. The chicken is aggressive and has a strong desire to win.

We often encourage people by “sniffing chickens and dancing”.

So Jade Chicken implies diligence, down-to-earth willingness and positive progress.

4. Every day we hear cocks crowing punctually.

Whether it’s windy or rainy, or heavy snow and hail, it never loses its time.

So Jade Chicken also implies diligence, trustworthiness and conscientious responsibility.

Since chickens are depicted by the common things in our lives,

Jade sculptors naturally have more and more subtle observations and comparisons.

It will also pour more feelings and time, so the chicken’s jade lapel pins will appear more vivid in place.