The Ultimate Fusion of Elegance and Affordability

Unlocking the Secret of Resin Epola: A High-Gloss Revolution

When it comes to lasting durability with a polished appearance, nothing outshines IMITATION HARD ENAMEL Pins. These pins defy the misconception that only genuine hard enamel can deliver a high-gloss, smooth surface. Thanks to Resin Epola, you can now indulge in faux hard enamel that mimics the same vibrant colors and intricate patterns of its pricier counterpart. Conveniently enough, BetterFinish Metal Pins offers small orders, letting you get your hands on these budget-friendly, custom-designed gems.

Discover your own custom design through Custom IMITATION HARD ENAMEL Pins.

A Cost-Effective Alternative: Why Settle for Less?

Looking for versatile usage? Whether it’s trade shows, souvenir pins, collector’s items, or brand promotion, IMITATION HARD ENAMEL Pins deliver without breaking the bank. Dive into this cost-effective alternative, adorned with a metal border and pin backing, guaranteeing you both style and function.

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Vibrant Colors, Vivid Detail: A Palette for Every Preference

The pins boast not just uniform texture, but also a pantheon of shades and styles. There’s a pin to match every outfit, mood, or occasion. If you’re charmed by the moon and stars, you’ll adore these enchanting moon cat lapel pins. For a touch of festive flair, why not consider these Christmas occasion lapel pins?

Collect, Trade, Show Off: It’s More Than Just Pins

IMITATION HARD ENAMEL Pins are no one-trick ponies. They easily double as collector’s items or as eye-catching paraphernalia at trade shows. From custom phoenix metal lapel pins that evoke a sense of renewal to custom dolphin enamel lapel pins that splash whimsy into any setting, there’s a pin for every passion.

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What Makes Imitation Hard Enamel Special?

Unlike traditional hard enamel pins, these imitation variants are crafted from materials like copper, bronze, iron, or zinc alloy. Following die-striking or die-casting procedures, they are hand-filled with a unique colored resin. Afterward, these badges undergo baking at temperatures ranging between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius to set the color firmly.

Detailed Specifications for Your Custom Needs

So, what exactly can you expect when you opt for custom imitation hard enamel badges?

  • Material: Choose from either copper or brass.
  • Design Process: The motifs are die-struck, employing a stamping technique.
  • Colors: These badges utilize colored epoxy that’s liquid in form yet thicker than what you’ll find in soft enamel badges.
  • Color Chart: The Panton Book serves as the reference for the color scheme.
  • Plating: Finish options include bright gold, nickel, or their antique versions.

Quality Assurance and Environmental Responsibility

One major advantage is that these badges meet the US CPSIA HR4040 standards concerning lead content, making them a safe option.

Order and Delivery Details

A minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces provides greater flexibility. The badges are individually packed in OPP bags for extra protection. Payments can be made via T/T, PayPal, or credit card. Delivery timelines will be confirmed once the customer approves the artwork or samples, generally ranging from 15 to 20 days.

Final Thoughts

Imitation hard enamel badges are not just affordable; they also bring to the table an incredible array of customization options and assured quality standards. In today’s world, where branding is everything, these badges offer an effective yet economical way to make a lasting impression. So why settle for less when you can have the best of both worlds?


Mind Map

    • Core Features
      • Resin Epola
      • High-Gloss Finish
      • Smooth Surface
    • Cost-Effectiveness
      • Budget-Friendly
      • Versatile Usage
    • Customization
      • Vibrant Colors
      • Vivid Detail
      • Intricate Patterns
    • Applications
      • Trade Shows
      • Souvenir Pins
      • Brand Promotion
      • Collector’s Items

For those seeking the allure of high-quality enamel pins without the extravagant price tag, IMITATION HARD ENAMEL Pins are your gateway to a world of elegance and utility. Why settle for anything less?