Ideologist’s Enamel Pins

Ideologist’s Enamel Pins

The ideologist’s badge, based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, portrays a strong working man, immersed in extreme pain. Our custom¬†Ideologist’s Enamel Pins at cheap price, no minimum order. Our custom coins also cheap.

This emblem work integrates the profound spiritual connotation with the complete characterization, which embodies the basic characteristics of Rodin’s sculpture art. It is Rodin’s image used to symbolize Dante. A powerful giant sat bent and kneeled, his right hand resting on his cheek and his mouth biting his hand. He gazed silently at the people below who were devoured by the flood. He loved human beings and could hardly make a final judgment on those sinners. He was deeply sympathetic and plunged into great pain and eternal meditation.

The badge character is naked, waist slightly bowed, left hand naturally placed on the left knee, right leg supporting the right arm, right hand falling on the chin statue with strong lines, clenched fist firmly on the lips, itself is very strong muscle at this time is nervously raised, showing full lines, although the image is still, but it seems that he is carrying out a high intensity. Working with a solemn and solemn manner, he seems to be examining everything in the universe.

The badge of The Thinker creates a typical artistic image of the thinker. It is not only the representative of every human individual, but also the representative of the whole human race. Individually, the giant is quietly thinking about the difficulties of human development as a whole, and the suffering he has experienced. His deep eyes and powerful fists showed a very painful mood, but ultimately showed resistance and struggle. This kind of pain is a kind of nature for Rodin, and this kind of resistance and struggle is more a kind of nature – an irresistible law of social development.