Horse Symbol Enamel Lapel Pins

Antique Horse Pins With Ancient Implications

The meaning of the horse symbol enamel lapel pins can be traced back to prehistoric times.

The horse’s first civilization, written confirmation, came from 3000 B.C.

Among them, historians found slates in Islam (now Iraq and Iran).

It quotes this noble beast.

Because of its natural friendliness with human beings in work and art,

Wearing this horse badge, it is easy to get special seats in history.

It ranks high in terms of honor, respect and symbolism.

In war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, people serving in all kinds of development,

Horses are one of the greatest contributors to the enhancement of civilization so far.

With such recognition and achievement,

Broad and diverse symbolic meanings will follow the rich history of horses and humans.

Design an old-fashioned badge for your horse. Or custom horse embroidery patches, or so on.

Horse Symbol Enamel Lapel Pins
The symbolic meaning of horses is common in most cultures.

It is associated with the symbol of vitality.

Many cultures assign the attributes of four elements to horses: earth, fire, air and water.

As a symbol of the Celtics, the horse was related to war.

All these brave aspects are related to horses in animal symbolism.

In fact, the Celtics called the horse a beast belonging to the sun god.

And give it the location of the goddess Epona (for more information about Epona, see Celtic gods and goddesses).

In Greece and Rome, there were also related booty horses and symbols attributed to them such as electricity, victory, honor, domination and masculinity.