High quality customized table tennis hard enamel pins

High quality customized table tennis hard enamel pins

Table tennis competition should be the most powerful in China, table tennis hard enamel pins workmanship best, that should be our company’s products. Table tennis, known as China’s “national ball”, is a world popular ball sports, including attack, confrontation and defense. The competition is divided into groups, singles, doubles, mixed doubles, etc.; before September 1, 2001, 21 games are divided into one set, and now 11 games are divided into one set; three sets of two wins, five sets of three wins, seven sets of four wins are adopted. Table tennis ball is a new plastic ball with a weight of 2.53-2.70g, white or orange, and a polymer as raw material. Table tennis originated in England. The name “ping pong” originated in 1900. It is named after the sound of “ping pong” when it strikes. In mainland China, “ping pong” is its official name. It is the same in Hong Kong, Macao and other regions. In 1926, the International Table Tennis Invitational Tournament was held in London, England. After being chased as the first World Table Tennis Championship.

History and origin of table tennis

Table tennis originated in England. At the end of the 19th century, tennis was popular in Europe. However, due to the limitation of the venue and the weather, some British college students moved tennis indoors, using table as the table, books as the net, parchment as the racket, and playing it on the table. In 1890, several British naval officers stationed in India accidentally found it exciting to play tennis on a small platform. Later, they used solid rubber instead of solid ball with little elasticity, then changed it to hollow plastic ball, and replaced the tennis racket with wooden board to play this novel “tennis match” on the table, which is the origin of table tennis. Table tennis soon became a popular sport. In the early 20th century, the United States began to produce complete sets of table tennis equipment. It is the number one racket sport in the United States, with more than 200000 Americans playing table tennis. Each of them has a collection of hard enamel pins for table tennis.

The revolution of table tennis

In 1903, Goodall, an Englishman, invented rubber racket and hard enamel pins for table tennis, which greatly promoted the development of table tennis technology. From 1926 to 1951, most of the players in the world used rubber rackets with cylindrical particles on the surface. When hitting the ball, the elasticity and friction are increased, which can make the ball rotate to a certain extent, so the defensive play method of cutting the underspin ball appears. This way of playing has been popular in Europe for a long time. Many athletes have won the world championship with this way of playing. In this period, the advantage of table tennis is in Europe, among which Hungary is the most outstanding team. Among the 117 world champions, they won 57 times, accounting for half of the European team. But this kind of racket can only be used to make underspin. Everyone is like this. Even if they win the championship, it is meaningless. The extensive development of table tennis has greatly improved the racket and the ball. At the beginning of the 20th century, table tennis and its hard enamel pins flourished in Europe and Asia.

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