High quality custom Sika Deer Lapel Pins

High quality custom Sika Deer Lapel Pins

Every woman will like the sika deer lapel pins. A delicate Sika Deer lapel pin can improve a woman’s temperament. In the autumn of 1865, David, a French naturalist and missionary, made an animal and plant investigation in the southern suburb of Beijing and found the sika deer in the royal hunting garden, Nanhaizi. He immediately realized that this is a group of strange deer that may not have been recorded in animal taxonomy. At the cost of 20 liang of silver, David got two sika deer and made them into specimens. In 1866, he sent the specimen to the Museum of animal history in Paris, which was confirmed to be a new species never found, and an independent genus of deer.

Characteristics of Sika Deer Lapel Pins

This Sika Deer lapel pin is a great buck because the female deer has no horns and is smaller. Male Sika deer has forked horns, camel like neck and black hair at the tail. Its antlers are very special in shape, without eyebrows and forks, and there are spots on its body. The head is large, the snout is narrow and long, the exposed part of the nose is wide, the eyes are small, and the suborbital gland is significant. The limbs are thick, the main hooves are broad and fleshy, there are very developed hanging hooves, and there is a loud bump in the walking era. So it was French zoologist, Miller Edwards, who later named the species. Since then, sika deer has been called auspicious deer.

Design idea of Sika Deer Lapel Pins

People regard the gentle sika deer as an auspicious animal. Therefore, the sika deer lapel pins is a magical and auspicious thing. It is not only the hunting object of the ancestors, but also the totem of worship and the important sacrifice in the ceremony. At the same time, the elk lapel pins has become a symbol of vitality and prosperity. So we will make a large number of customization, all come to buy the sika deer lapel pins.

So how to get a Sika Deer Lapel Pins

In people’s life, we need the sika deer lapel pins to decorate your life. You are a person who loves life, so come to buy the sika deer lapel pins. This exquisite Sika Deer lapel pins is designed for the successful you. Our Sika Deer lapel pin will bring you unexpected happiness and auspiciousness. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable.