High quality custom panda Lapel Pins

High quality custom panda Lapel Pins

Giant panda is the rarest animal in the world. Our giant panda lapel pins is also the most exquisite. The panda belongs to carnivore, Ursidae and giant panda subfamily. Here is a mammal with a head and a body 1.2-1.8m long and a tail 10-12cm long. It weighs 80-120kg, with a maximum weight of 180kg. Its body color is black and white. It has round cheeks, big black eyes, chubby body, symbolic internal eight character walking style, and sharp claws like an anatomical knife. It is one of the most lovely animals in the world.

Life history of Panda

The giant panda has lived on the earth for at least 8 million years. It is known as a living fossil. It is the image ambassador of WWF and a species of biodiversity conservation in the world. According to the field population survey of giant pandas, there are 1864 wild giant pandas in China, which belong to the first-class protected animals of China. Giant pandas eat meat at first. After evolution, 99% of their food is bamboo, but their teeth and digestive tract remain the same, and they are still divided into carnivores. When they get angry, they are as dangerous as other bear species. The life span of the wild giant panda is 18-20 years old, and it can be over 30 years old in captivity. As of November 2019, the global population of captive giant pandas has reached 600. So the panda lapel pins is the best decoration for matching clothes.

The shape of cute panda Lapel Pins

We have made giant panda lapel pins in various styles. There are lying on the back, lying on the side, lying on the front, stretching or curling up, all of which are their favorite ways of life. Even when sleeping, the giant panda looks lovely. They are very flexible and can put their heavy bodies into various positions. The cutest lapel pin is a naughty one with legs on the tree and hands over the eyes.

Come and buy panda Lapel Pins

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