High quality custom cute small animal hard enamel pins

High quality custom cute small animal hard enamel pins

Who doesn’t like the little animals on earth? Let our small animal hard enamel pins bring you happiness! Animals are a kind of living things. They generally eat organic matter, can feel, can move, and can move autonomously. Something that moves or can move. Including people. According to fossil research, the earliest animals on earth originated from the ocean. After a long geological period, the early marine animals gradually evolved various branches and enriched the early life forms of the earth. Before the emergence of human beings, prehistoric animals appeared and flourished in their respective periods of activity. Later, they became extinct in the changing environment. However, the animals on earth continue to evolve and reproduce with the trend of from low to high, from simple to complex, and have today’s diversity.

Category and number of small animals

Scientists put the existing animals known to man as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. But according to whether there is spine in the body, it can be divided into two categories: invertebrate and vertebrate. Scientists have identified more than 46900 vertebrates. Including carp, yellow croaker, grass carp and other fish animals, snakes, lizards and other reptiles, frogs, giant salamanders and other amphibians, birds and red pandas and other mammals. They are able to react to the environment and move, prey on other creatures. According to the current genetic research results, the ancestors of animals should come from a collection of various protozoa, and then carry out cell differentiation, rather than from a multi nuclear protozoa. We have made many kinds of small animal hard enamel pins. There must be one you like very much.

The development of animals

The earliest animals introduced marine animals. Most of the animals known to appear in fossils were marine species during the Cambrian explosion 540 million years ago. The Cambrian explosion is a great challenge to evolution. The ocean is the largest ecological formation on the earth. The first life on the earth was conceived here. And early life on earth lived only in water. The earliest small animals were vertebrates evolved from fish, with tails and scales similar to fish scales. They live mainly in the sea and sometimes walk on land. Finally, it evolved into a small animal now. See our little animals’ hard enamel pins, you will know how cute they are.

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