Graphic Enamel Lapel Pins

Graphic Enamel Lapel Pins

You\’ll ask me, what are badges for? My answer is that the badge is used to express feelings! Do the cheap graphic enamel lapel pins at wholesale price.

A badge is a symbol worn on the body to express identity, occupation and honor, but now the badge has many uses, such as theme figures and animals, mood and thought expression, and the diversity of badge forms, which brings people a lot of pleasure in life!

Graphic Enamel Lapel Pins

Our pictorial emblem is to depict beautiful things on the emblem, coupled with exquisite Zen characters of life, whether worn or treasured, it is very worthy of your possession.

We designed this round badge, above which is a red rose with buds, implying that everything goes smoothly in life and work. The green leaves set off the red flowers and complement each other. With the words below, “Everything in life can be summarized in three words: meeting the past” the whole badge looks fresh and elegant.

So, let\’s open our eyes, open our hearts, and you will find this beautiful badge everywhere. May everyone in the world treasure the present, not let the heart be too tired, and not pursue too much. Those who are no longer their own people and things, there is a badge enough.

A small badge, showing you strong heart, to customize our emblem!