Girl Enamel Lapel Pins

Girl Enamel Pins

Custom design and create your girl enamel pins with the detail content. You can feel the girl is running.

The vast wasteland is uninhabited.

At a glance, this pale land, except for weeds and shrubs.

It is the grey and white stones that can be seen everywhere. They are of different sizes and shapes. Like enamel pins twinkling on the barren land.

The sun is overhanging and roasting the earth. The sky is full of yellow dust, which is rising in succession.

In the muddy yellow world, a thin and delicate figure gradually became clear, and struggled to run forward.

Girl Enamel Lapel Pins

Running girl in the enamel pin

Inside the soft enamel lapel pin was a girl of about six or seven years old, embroidered with pale pink plum blossoms on a goose yellow Luoyi.

A pair of black hair twisted into buns, a pair of smart big eyes black slippery, small Qiong nose small mouth bright red, set off the whole face delicate and beautiful.

The girl holds a palm-sized rattle tightly in her right hand.

The drum should be some years old. The drum faces on both sides are yellowish. There are several blue snake patterns on the drum. The two projectiles in both ears flip up and down and sometimes fall on the drum surface and make a few soft sounds.

The girl is young, but her figure is quite agile. Several ups and downs, she appears in an empty space in front of the tall weeds.

Inside the girl pins you can feel the girl running.

Because she ran so fast, her snow-white forehead was covered with sweat, and a sweat trickled down her left cheek into her white neck.

She stretched out her left hand and wiped it. Her tight round face was red, like a ripe apple, but her footsteps did not stop for a minute.

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