German Enamel Lapel Pins

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What is our most hot sell, Germanic pin?

German Enamel Lapel Pins

The German Flag Pins

Most flag pins are die struck iron pins, filling the soft enamel colors.

There are three mains color in the German flag pins, black, red, and gold colors.

The German flag is rectangular,
The ratio of length to width is: 5:3.
There are three parallel equals of black, red, and gold from top to bottom.
Black and gold is the German national colors.

The Frankfurt national assembly (1848 – 1850) began to use the tricolor flag as the flag of the German Federation.
The Republic of Weimar also uses the tricolor flag as the German flag.
After World War II things as their own will dedu tricolor flag,
After the unification of the two Germans in October 3, 1990, the black, red and gold trichromatic flag became the German flag again.

How to custom design German Enamel Lapel Pins?

To design the custom enamel pins for the German market, it is better to learn what enamel colors are welcome in their country.

What color does the Germans like?
The black
Deutsche is a pragmatic nation
Dislike colorful lapel pins.
Only black and white.
And black represents orthodoxy.
Like you can see black on the German flag
Puma Adidas logo is black
German leaders visit and receive foreign guests are black suits

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