Fujimoto’s Enamel Pins

Dunk master

Fujimoto’s Enamel Lapel Pins

Fujinjian is the only type of beautiful teenager in the slam dunk master badge. He is resourceful but always clever but is mistaken by cleverness. Make custom cheap enamel lapel pins, no minimum order. We also make custom coins at cheap price.

Director Fujinjian is handsome and elegant. He is a player and coach of Xiangyang. He will not play easily until the critical moment. As one of the few left-handed generals in the cartoon, Fujinjian and the pastoral gentry are called “double walls of Kanagawa”. We have made a set of badges of Fujinjian and the pastoral gentry, which are very beautiful.

Fujimoto's Badge

The Xiangyang High School Basketball Team led by Fujinjian is also a winning team in national competitions. Importantly, he is the only player who also serves as team coach. His basketball IQ and leadership ability can be rated as first-class. If you see him in the badge, you will know. However, he is resourceful and has laid the groundwork for the defeat of Xiangyang since then.

Fujinjian has the same concern and supervision as Yan Father for the players of Xiangyang, and he also trusts the team to be the center of the team. Every time he plays, he will be given a lucky badge to ensure victory on the court. But in the match with northern Hunan, Fujinzhen showed his light enemy side. As the trump card of the team, Fujinzhen sat under the guidance of the court until the last moment when the northern Hunan mad counter-attack, unfortunately it was too late.

After he came on, he did not lead Xiangyang to fight back, and ultimately regretted defeat. Fujinzhen lost to northern Hunan, faded the halo of “double walls” and paid a painful price for his carelessness. With the rising of the new stars Liuchuan Feng and Xiandao, Fujinzhen’s position was no longer stable. But out of his love for basketball, Fujinzhen, with his lucky badge and flashy, began his last winter campaign.