First love umbrella Lapel Pins

First love umbrella Lapel Pins

Is there a story about a rainy night when you received an umbrella of love?

The umbrella badge is your heart\’s umbrella, shelter from the wind and rain.

Watching sunrise and sunset in different places has become a reason why many people are willing to wander around. In the rush of time, first love has become a long memory. When love is a thing of the past, everything is clear.

He likes to carry an umbrella all the time, because he is waiting for someone who can never wait, so he still has a chance. Some love, doomed to wait, only then appears desolate. Time\’s strongest love, eventually return to plain.

Sunny days, rainy days, dawn, night, the old days of umbrella support, perhaps in the eyes of some people, while enjoying exquisite and comfortable space, while picking up the camera for recording, while extracting text for reflection, is life.

It\’s dark at night and the rain is still dripping underground.

The door crevice quietly penetrates the silk cold wind, which adds a little coolness.

Rain just keeps falling like that. I turn my head every now and then to see the rain falling slowly.

It\’s easier to run out, at least not to get wet by the night rain.

Half an hour after the company processed the documents, it watched the company\’s windows soaked in rain.

While I was waiting for the rain to slow down, I tried to find all the corners of the company and luckily found a big umbrella.

Or the bamboo baskets empty, a little unhappy, but also be rained out of the street.

After a long tangle, I decided to rush to the station in the rain. Anyway, I walked very fast.

First love umbrella Lapel Pins

It\’s 10 minutes\’walk to the station.

I blocked part of my face with my hand and ran quickly to the security guard.

Think of asking the security guard to borrow an umbrella. In fact, I also know that I have no relatives with the security guards.

Normally, besides saying hello, I don\’t talk much.

The two security uncles calmly said, “We don\’t have an umbrella either.”

At this time, I think of the umbrella badge in my heart, but also to make an umbrella custom coin, always accompany me.

I reluctantly went on, because the night was dark and it was raining again, I still walked slowly. For more than a year, it was basically the breakfast bought by Uncle Potato Shredded Cake (Uncle Potato Shredded Cake, the nickname I gave them, is a breakfast shop).

I smiled sweetly and politely and asked, “Uncle, can I borrow an umbrella?” I forgot to bring my umbrella today. Aunt potato shredded cake gave an umbrella in a hurry, and repeatedly said: the umbrella is a bit broken, you don\’t mind, pay attention to safety on the road.