Firecrackers enamel pins

Firecrackers enamel pins accompany the whole life.

Firecrackers accompany us all our lives, making our own custom enamel firecrackers pins, has a different meaning.

Celebrate the Spring Festival. Outside the window was the sound of firecrackers, and the air was filled with a strong odor of fireworks.

On this side of the window is a warm home and relatives.

Recalling the scenery in the past few decades, the same must be true of the pictures in memory.

Sound, smell, temperature.

Firecrackers enamel pins

Our life is embodied in the firecracker badge accompanying.

Dozens of dishes were already almost eaten on the table, and the guests dispersed.

Mom and Dad are picking up the dishes and chopsticks and starting to wash and rinse.

There are annual Spring Festival Gala on TV, though not very good.

But I don\’t know what I can see without looking at CCTV.

You are at home, watching your parents rush in and out, wondering what you can do.

Just like a bystander, he can only sit on the sofa and watch Zhu Jun and Dong Qing pronounce their words with feigned excitement.

They are really professional. How can they read similar lines dozens of times and still be so passionate?

Occasionally, you look down at your cell phone. There are few text messages on it. Friends are busy celebrating the New Year.

What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Wait for the countdown?

We all shouted “nineteen eighty-seven, six, four, three, two one”.

Outside the window, there was another boom of firecrackers, and the TV screen began to be colorful. Fifty-six ethnic representatives congratulated the people of the whole country on the happy New Year.

It seems that after this moment, even if the task is completed, you can lie in bed and go to bed. But there are still expectations in my heart, vaguely unmet expectations.

You\’re actually waiting for your parents to finish what they\’re doing. You can stop.

Talk to you and say whatever you like. You look forward to that focused attention.

It\’s like when you play with them as a child, they give 100% attention.

You said you hadn\’t been home for a long time. You missed home very much, but you didn\’t know what to say with your parents when you went home.

But dear child, it\’s time for you to grow up. You can see how busy parents are.

They have their relatives and friends to pay for, and they have to play their social roles.

The roles of “father” and “mother” are not their only roles during the Spring Festival.

If you look forward to a better relationship, then seriously accompany them.

When they play “sons and daughters”, you play the roles of “granddaughters” and “grandsons”.

When they play the role of “everyone\’s good friends”, you can also play the role of “everyone\’s little friends”. I\’m sure I\’ll be bored at the beginning.

Why do you think it\’s necessary to do these extra things?

But life is very fair. When we were children,

Our pleasure is to be accompanied.

When we were babies, only our parents held us.

It\’s the moment that reassures us. When we grow up, we are three or four years old, five or six years old.

Parents accompany us, we toddle, we learn to speak, we practice writing.

We write calligraphy, they accompany, has been quietly accompanied.

They are happy to see us grow up. For parents,

Accompaniment is a duty and a pleasure.

Now, as we grow up, it\’s our turn to learn the joy of companionship.

When you see a firecracker badge or custom firecrackers coins, you think of your parents\’company.

When we are with our parents, sometimes we just want to accompany them.

Because we are around, they are very comfortable and happy.

Needless to say, when they know you\’re willing to accompany, that\’s the greatest relief.