Firecracker badges take you looking for your childhood

Firecracker badges take you looking for your childhood

With the firecracker badge, you will think of a good childhood.

Children always like to be lively and boys always like firecrackers.

Of course, this refers to our time, specifically, in the 1960s and 1970s, and now the children do not mention it, they seem to be 10,000 years away from us.

As soon as the Lunar Moon Gate entered, half of the children who could not bear it had set off firecrackers.

From time to time, the streets crackled and firecrackers cracked.

It means that the beginning of the New Year is officially opened, and people\’s hearts will be filled with excitement.

The sky is still the grey sky, the earth is still the frozen hard ground.

The old dog in front of the door was still invisible and was kicked to the East and kicked to the west.

But the ordinary life is no longer so hard and boring, and there is a twelve-point expectation for the New Year.

The direction of this expectation is very simple. For girls, it\’s the desire for new clothes.

For boys, that\’s the attachment to firecrackers.

I\’m afraid it\’s just to get together and push a cup for a drink.

Firecracker badges take you looking for your childhood

Just as much hope as disappointment,

The prelude is so long, the climax is so short, there are so few firecrackers in hand.

So that every morning of the first day of the New Year, it will be finished early, and the rest of the day,

Can only pitifully look at others to let go, mood depression, melancholy.

The worst impression was that my mother went to Jiaodong\’s father\’s army to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Grandma and I stayed at home. Grandma had the old problem of tracheitis. She made it every winter when the weather was cold. She coughed and had trouble sleeping and eating. Her hair was half lying on the bed all day.

I was about six or seven years old that year.

Firecracker badges or custom enamel coins can record memories of that time.

As soon as the new year passed, the streets were full of firecrackers, and I couldn\’t help it anymore.

All day long, she pestered her grandmother with firecrackers and firecrackers.

Get up and pull out a handkerchief from under the sleeping mattress, wrapped in three layers inside and three layers outside.

Grandma trembled and opened the rope. She took out a Pentagon and gave it to me.

I rushed to the agency and bought a hundred-headed whip.

Thirty nights I took forty and evenly put them in four pockets.

A lap of going out will soon be over.

I went home and took ten more, but I still had no idea.

But the rest dared not move any more.

The next morning, ten of them were taken out. Rao was so kind.

The whole morning was gone. Without firecrackers, my year would be over.

It is impossible to ask Grandma for money again. We can only place unlimited hope in the coming year.