Firecracker Badge

Firecracker Badge

Customize different firecracker badges to celebrate your festival.

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Firecrackers have a history of more than 2000 years.

When there was no gunpowder or paper in ancient China, people used to burn bamboo.

Make it burst and sound to expel the plague.

Firecrackers are called firecrackers because bamboo is burned with the sound of “trumpet”.

On festivals or festivals

Firecracker Badge

Wearing the firecracker badge can reflect the ancient Chinese working people\’s desire for peace and tranquility.

Firecrackers are said to be different in different historical periods.

Titles range from “firecrackers”, “rods”, “firecrackers” to “firecrackers”.

Shangli and its adjacent areas in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, where firecrackers and fireworks are located,

People still call a single firecracker with large volume, more gunpowder and strong explosive force “firecracker”.

Since the emergence of gunpowder, people have filled bamboo barrels with nitrite, sulphur and charcoal for combustion.

There was a “explosive war”.

By the Song Dynasty, Chinese folk began to use paper cartridges and hemp stems wrapped in gunpowder to make “weaving guns” (firecrackers).

Not only the firecracker badge, but also the firecracker custom enamel coins can make people feel happy during the festival.

Every Spring Festival, bright lights, gongs and drums sing together.

The sound of firecrackers rose and fell one after another, playing the song of the new spring for the boiling earth.

The brilliance of the air and the brilliance of flowers make a happy chapter for the festival.

There is a saying of “open door firecrackers” among Chinese people.

That is to say, when the new year comes, the first thing that every household opens its door is to set off firecrackers, so as to eliminate the old and welcome the new with the sound of beeping firecrackers.

With the passage of time, the application of firecrackers is more and more extensive, and the variety and color of firecrackers are also increasing.

Liuyang, Hunan, Foshan and Dongyao in Guangdong, Yichun and Pingxiang in Jiangxi, and Wenzhou in Zhejiang are famous “home of fireworks” in China.

Firecrackers have become an entertainment with national characteristics.

In addition to setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival, people also set off firecrackers to celebrate major festivals and celebrations, such as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, marriage, building and opening.