Fashion White Sports Shoe Pins

Sports Shoe Lapel Pins

This is white enamel color sports shoe lapel pin. Shinny silver plating metal let the white more pure. Enamel lapel pins are the best promotional gifts of the shoes business. Why choose the white shoes? Lately I’ve been thinking about this problem. Many people maybe have this question in mind. The answer is easy and simple. Just like you prefer this white color enamel shoe lapel pin.

  1. White color, easy to identify. That will be more safe. Your friends the team members can find your shoes easily. That can avoid much accident hurt. You choose the right color shoes. Keep yourselves away from the damage on the playground.
  2. White shoes and can make the people look light, vitality, speed, very clean; can bring people’s temperament, not grey and around. All the way into the ground, don’t know where the
  3. Foot concrete; white may be out of factory cost considerations;
  4. Think about formal occasions without shoes on white background, may help to understand the problem;
  5. White soles with white lace (usually) on the call, the shoe design to strengthen the overall sense of. The unification of color;
  6. White and black itself, is a kind of all-match color.

This white shoe sports lapel pin made from iron steel, save much budget for your company. Soft enamel colors filled in the recess metal. Silver nickle plating is shinny on the surface. We design and create the promotional gifts pins using the different production picture designs.

Fashion white enamel color sports shoe lapel pins, best shoes business protestation gifts, no minimum order, cheap price at US$0.333 per unit from China factory.

The shoes stores had its own hot sale shoes picture lapel pins that the clients wore on their shirts. Good looking! Feel the shoes pins wearing on your clothes, and wearing the shoes on your feet. Very interesting.

This iron material enamel pin size is 1.25 inch. Made from stainless steel, plated with silver color.

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INCH 100 300 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
0.75  1.58  1.35 0.85  0.7  0.65  0.6  0.5  0.45
1  1.68  1.45 0.95 0.8 0.75 0.7 0.6 0.55
1.25  1.78  1.55 1.05 0.9 0.85 0.8 0.7 0.65
1.5  1.88 1.65 1.15 1 .0 0.95 0.9 0.8 0.75
1.75  1.98 1.75 1.25 1.1 1.05 1 .0 0.9 0.85
2  2.08 1.85 1.35 1.2 1.15 1.1 1 .0 0.95

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