Eye protection Enamel Pins

Eye protection Enamel Pins

Now everyone has mobile phones. They all like to stay up late and play with their mobile phones. This is invisible damage to the eyes. Protect your eyes, starting with our customized eye protection badge.

Overnight, a mountain fire triggered by thunder and lightning destroyed the beautiful Forest Manor, and Paul Dick, who had just inherited the manor from his grandfather, was in a very difficult position.

He couldn’t withstand the blow. He didn’t go out of doors. He didn’t think about food and tea. His eyes were bloodshot. More than a month later, the old grandmother learned about it and said to Paul meaningfully, “Young man, it’s not terrible that the manor is in ruins. It’s terrible that your eyes lose their luster and grow old day by day. How can you see hope with an old pair of eyes?

Eye protection Enamel Pins

Paul was persuaded by his grandmother to walk out of the manor by himself.

He wandered aimlessly. At the corner of a street, he saw crowds gathering in front of a shop. It turned out that some housewives were queuing up to buy charcoal. The pieces of charcoal lying in the cardboard box suddenly brightened Paul\’s eyes and gave him a glimmer of hope. So over the next two weeks, Paul hired several charcoal burners to turn the charred trees from the manor into high quality charcoal and send them to the charcoal dealership in the bazaar.

As a result, charcoal was snapped up and he made a good income. Then he used the income to buy a large number of new saplings, so a new manor began to take shape. A few years later, the “Forest Manor” was green again.

Eyes are your soul, wearing eye protection badges, always remind you to protect your eyes.

Please remember: Don’t let your eyes grow old, you won’t let your heart be desolate.

If the eyes grow old, they will not see hope. Life without hope will eventually lose the meaning of existence. Live positively and optimistically, forget sadness and misfortune, you will have unlimited happiness. When you indulge in the sorrow of the past, you will also lose the joy of today. When frustration and pain come, it may be the beginning of success.