Enamel Pins in rainy season

Enamel Pins in rainy season

Think about it, in the rainy season, how do I spend it? Make a rainy season badge to accompany you through the upsetting rainy season. We do the rainy enamel lapel pins at cheap price. Our custom design rainy coins also at good price, and no minimum order.

When I get up in the morning, I habitually open the window and breathe. My nose smells of different earthy fragrances. This aroma is unique to the plum rain season.

Walking on the road, I will carry a sky-blue umbrella, carefully across the puddle.

Looking at the flower bed nearby, there are many buds growing up.

They stretch their bodies and accept the grace of God.

Enamel Pins in rainy season

This enamel rainy lapel pins is round shape, with glitter enamel color at the background.

A tree beside the road, but not so comfortable. They have been blooming in the spring for only a few weeks, and the fragrance has not yet drifted far enough.

He was held tightly to the trunk by the constant raindrops.

Flowers of all kinds fell to the ground sparsely and left the attached branches forever under the attack of rain for two months.

They lie on the wet soil and look up at the tall trees and green leaves. Originally, they used to decorate the picture above their heads in such a beautiful sky.

A few days later, the body of the falling flower lost its original color.

Gradually yellowing, wrinkling and fragile.

Its proud fragrance was replaced by rotten nausea.

Every time I see it here, I can\’t let go and hate the rain all the more.

Walking in the rain, I can see all kinds of umbrellas. It\’s beautiful to set my rainy season badge on the handle of the umbrella.

They are also held in the hands of the people under the umbrella, which binds the world of the people under the umbrella.

People under the umbrella have to lose the sky overhead and walk alone.

Now, the umbrella seems to have all the love of the people under it. Every time I see this, I don\’t love the umbrella in my hand. I don\’t love the rainy day, which binds my body.

Why does it rain with an umbrella? Why does it have to endure such a taste?

As a young man, I have so many complaints about rainy days, and as I grow older, I have to admit that I love rainy days.

When I put aside all that can not be released, acquiesce in the beautiful cycle, when I walk alone with an umbrella, enjoy quiet solitude, I love this rainy day.

With an umbrella, even though the rain is rolling in your ears, you can always find peace in your heart by walking alone. It seems that the rain washes not only the streets in front of us, but also the hearts in the leather bag.

At this time, I found that I had not stopped for too long and could not enjoy myself quietly.

I stood with an umbrella in the rain, calm, indifferent, and no longer anxious. I know, he won’t be unable to come because of the rain.