Enamel Pins the Fashion Theme

Enamel Pins the Fashion Theme

Brooch, also known as brooch. Usually worn on the collar or chest, in addition to the role of embellishment is also rich in moral information in it. Various styles and styles have different temperaments. Our fashion enamel pins are at cheap price, no minimum order. The custom enamel coins also fashion also cheap, also no minimum.

1. Shining bow brooch

Dressing in winter is monotonous and dull. It always feels like no clothes to wear. Its clothes lack not color, but accessories to light it. Unique bowknot bust sparkling stars to expel the deep bring a touch of face, make your temperament transient.

2. Bird Crystal Brooch

Flying birds are unique and novel in shape, with a vibrant atmosphere, showing a lightweight and agile temperament. Fashionable atmosphere, bigger shape with proper addition of overcoat or windbreaker, can also modify the effect of face shape.

3. Owl Brooch

Pocket owl brooch, with pleasant colors, cartoon cute shape instantly germinates your girl’s heart, very suitable for matching sweaters or underclothes and other clothes, collision color matching effect is good. Show a lovely and lively temperament.