Enamel Pins embellish your love

Enamel Pins embellish your love

The beauty of love is never the same. As long as the brooch has many colors, love will have many colors! This wonderful feeling, like the unique color brooch, each love is a different color, each brooch is unique. Our enamel pins are at cheap price, no minimum order. The custom enamel coins also cheap, also no minimum.

1. Blue Peacock Feather Brooch

The brilliant imitation crystal inlaid with dazzling and dreamlike colors, peacock feather shape like a lightweight floating spirit, lighting up elegant and noble temperament, lighting up dull and monotonous winter clothes. Easy control of commuting and leisure time.

2. Temperament bow brooch

The delicate fringed bow breast flower is decorated with elegant and romantic sweet temperament, light yellow tone, elegant and fresh. The exquisite craftsmanship lightens the monotonous color of winter clothes.

3. Beaded Brooch

A beautiful Brooch made of artificial pearls, a milky white water, occasionally with some color styles, Brooch brand as a whole gives people a feeling of very noble and gorgeous, very goddess; the other is a variety of beaded brooches, green flowers, colorful, all colors are used pleasant, there is a kind of “roadside wild flowers” interest.

From the color point of view, or in the same color system of various brooches and artificial gems to create a harmonious beauty, or bold color collision emphasizes visual impact, very lively.

A Brooch will fill you with elegant fashion temperament!