Elizabeth Taylor Enamel Pins

Elizabeth Taylor Enamel Pins

Elizabeth Taylor is regarded as a rare treasure in the world film circle. She is regarded as the most Hollywood-colored character in American film history. Every year for 60 years, her new badge sells well.

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Habitual Hollywood legendary movie stars, evergreen trees, invincible flowers, the world’s number one beauty, Jade Po reputation, especially with a pair of beautiful blue and purple eyes known in the world. Look at the eyes in the badge, and you will be fascinated by her. She seems to be a concentrated Hollywood sample: art, beauty, money, love and doomed marriages.

Elizabeth Taylor, who grew up from a child star, is represented by a badge. She is beautiful as a flower. She can be pure, elegant, or gorgeous. Her charm can not last forever. Once indulgent, but also make her appear obese and aging. Her beauty, her movies, her husband… For more than half a century, she has always been the target of the media.

Elizabeth Taylor is a real movie star: violet eyes are shining and energetic. Although she is not the most gifted actor, she is the most charming actor. Her badge and incomparable charm are always the focus. Taylor’s charm endures. Fame and wealth are the source of her vitality, and the public eye is her constant attendant. She never knows where to stop. To her, she is either above ten thousand people or without a penny.