Egg party lapel pins

Egg party lapel pins

NetEase‘s RTS mobile gameBattle Rage was officially released on May 27, 2022. With its follow upEgg Party released the next day, and it has since become a huge success. According to Qimai data, the game generated 5.85 million yuan in its first month. On January 27, the game generated 10 million yuan in revenue on iOS alone, and it remained at the top of the iOS free list for almost a month. Lu Jun, a technical staff member at NetEase, commented on the achievements of the game and Kwan, the producer ofEgg Party“, stated that it had developed into a DAU (Daily Active User) mobile game similar toGlory of the King“. NetEase has produced custom lapel pins with the game‘s logo in the shape of a cartoon egg to celebrate the success ofEgg Party“. The pins are a great way for fans to show their love of the game and honor its success.

The main user group of the egg party is relatively young. Mainly middle school students and college students. Before this winter holiday, Netease adjusted the marketing direction of Egg Party. From the main Tangdouren game when it was launched in May, it has changed to the main game “Kaihei” (team game) and social networking with friends.

In terms of play, Egg Party is easy to use.

The milder game style also matches the “black” and “social” of its marketing. “The Egg Party is very suitable for students and players to socialize closely.”

They will also produce more and more egg party lapel pins for the players.