Eat chicken Lapel Pins

Eat chicken Lapel Pins

The design of chicken lapel pins was inspired by a chicken eating game. So this badge will also be very popular. Not only the badges, but also the custom embroidery patches, or custom enamel coins will be very popular.

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Eat chicken Lapel Pins

Dajida, eat chicken in the evening (referred to as “eat chicken”), the Internet catchword. The phrase first came from the movie “21 points in the final battle”, and then became popular on the Internet because of its appearance in the game “Jedi Survival: Escape”. When you win the first place in the game, a line appears: “Good luck, eat chicken at night!” Hence, “Eating Chicken” means that the player won the first place in “Jedi Survival: Escape”.

The phrase originated from a line from Las Vegas Casino in the film Winner 21:00: “Winner Winner, chicken dinner!” Decades ago, winning a bet earned a minimum of $2 (12.5752 yuan), and a meal containing three pieces of chicken and potato vegetables was $1.75 (11.0033 yuan). When you win one time, you have enough money to buy a chicken. Meat meal, so the word often became a saying for good luck at that time.

Chicken in the evening

Chicken for dinner (3 pieces)

In the movie, a gambler in American casinos always says this sentence before gambling, and then always wins money.

Jedi Survival: Escape Kill is a game of Escape Kill. Each game will involve about 100 players, who will be thrown over the Jedi Islands. When the game starts skydiving, everyone has nothing. “Eat chicken” became popular with the game “Jedi Survival: Escape”.

Although the Chinese translation is more direct, it has become a “good luck, eat chicken in the evening”, but it’s good to be comfortable, and it has become a popular saying on behalf of games such as “Jedi Escape: Big Escape”.