Dunk master enamel pins

Dunk master enamel pins

“Dunk master”: It’s them, burning our whole youth, let the dunk master badge, continue to ignite our life!

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The cartoon “Dunking Master” is indeed an unsurpassed peak in the youth cartoon. If there is still a chance, don’t want to be unsuccessful. To do it, to do it with a badge, is the most important thing in our life.

Dunk master enamel pins

Coach Anxi said on the badge, “If you give up, the game will be over!” Never give up what difficulties you encounter in your life. I believe there must be a lot of people who are as excited as I am when it comes to Slam Dunkers.

Because it accompanies the growth of our generation. After all, at that time, children and adults all over the world loved the cartoon. After class, the children can take out all kinds of badges and laugh.

After school, everybody ran madly home for fear of missing the latest episode: Tomorrow does not speak Japanese, but every song in the animation, we will hum; every character badge, we will collect, clearly do not play basketball, but each episode appears technical terms, we all know. In a survey conducted in Japan in 2013, “Dunkers” ranked first among “life-changing cartoons”.

We love dunkers. We like all kinds of badges and badges in dunkers. They are our pride.