A drunken Brooch for a noble concubine

A drunken Brooch for a noble concubine

Yang Yuhuan, the noble concubine on the brooch, was born on June 22, 719, and died on July 15, 756. She was the noble concubine of Tang Xuanzong Li Longji. We make custom cheap enamel pins no minimum order. Also make the custom coins at cheap price.

Yang Yuhuan’s brooch, beautiful and charming, good at singing and dancing, proficient in melody, is a court musician and singer and dancer in the Tang Dynasty. Her musical talent is also rare among the queens and concubines of all dynasties.

Legend has it that when Yang Yuhuan first entered the palace, he frowned all day long because he could not see the king. On one occasion, she and the ladies of the palace had beautiful brooches on their chest, and then they went to the palace to admire each other’s flowers. They accidentally touched the mimosa, and the leaves of the grass rolled up immediately. The palace women all said that this was Yang Yuhuan’s beautiful appearance, which made the flowers and plants look so dirty that they could not lift their heads.

Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty heard that there was a “beauty of shy flowers” in the palace. He immediately summoned him and named him a noble concubine. Since then, “shy flower” has become the nickname of Princess Yang. The beauty of Yang Yuhuan in the brooch lies not in her rich body, but in the beauty of Yang Yuhuan, which shows us the hypocrisy of men and the ruthlessness and injustice of historical judgement.