Discus thrower Enamel Pins

Discus thrower Enamel Pins

The badge of discus thrower is drawn from the real sports activities in Greece. It depicts a strong man with expressive moments in the discus throwing process. Our enamel pins are cheap, no minimum order. The custom enamel coins also cheap.

The discus pendulum selected in the badge returns to its highest point and is about to be thrown. It has a strong attraction of “attracting but not attracting”. Although this is a static sculpture, the artist has grasped the key link of changing from one state to another, achieved the effect of making the audience get the “sense of movement” psychologically, and become a model of later artistic creation, as well as an important material for the study of ancient Greek sculpture.

Our badge is unique in shape. Athletes hold the discus in their right hand to the highest point. Their whole body center of gravity falls on their right foot. Their left toes are against the ground, and their knees are bent at obtuse angles. The whole body has a feeling of tension and explosion. The shape is tense, but in the overall structure, as well as the expression of the head, it gives people the impression of calmness and stability, which is the classical style pursued by our badge.

The whole badge is full of coherent sense of movement and rhythm, breaking through the limitations of time and space in art, conveying the idea of movement, and expressing the human body’s harmony, bodybuilding and the power of youth incisively and vividly.

The composition of this badge boils down to a few vivid and persuasive gestures, which give people a sense of concentration and concentration. Especially the author’s ingenuity is that he brilliantly summarizes the whole continuous process of discus throwing and shows a dynamic beauty of harmonious ideal. This badge is considered as “the solidification of eternity in space”.