Diligent Cow Enamel Lapel Pins

Implications of cow Lapel Pins

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Diligent and tenacious “ox” annotates the concept of Beijing Paralympic Games

Jiang Xiaoyu, Executive Vice Chairman of BOCOG, who is responsible for the collection of mascots for the Paralympic Games, introduced the event.

The design of the mascot of the Paralympic Games “Funiu Lele Lapel pins” was inspired by the ancient farming civilization of China.

He said that the bull badge interprets the rich ideas and Olympic spirit of the Beijing Paralympic Games.

“Niu” has a solid, diligent, tenacious and never-failing image.

It embodies the spirit of self-improvement and tenacious struggle of disabled athletes.

It is consistent with the character of Paralympic athletes and the concept of “transcendence, integration and sharing” of Beijing Paralympic Games.

Tang Xiaoquan, vice chairman and chairman of China Disabled Persons Federation, also praised the cow enamel pins and custom coins.

She believes that cattle are one of the closest animals to humans.

Diligent Cow Enamel Lapel Pins

It is friendly, loyal and friendly.

In the long river of world civilization, pastoral songs are people’s yearning and praise for harmonious life.

The image of cattle is widely seen in literary and artistic works depicting natural, soothing and poetic pastoral life.

It reflects people’s longing and hope for harmony between man and nature.

Wang Tao, a wheelchair photographer, is a representative of the disabled.

Participated in the Paralympic mascot selection, revision of many important processes

I love this bull badge.

He said that simple, optimistic and diligent “Funiu Lele” lapel pins and custom embroidery patches.

It embodies a positive attitude towards life.

The Olympic Games advocate a positive philosophy of life.

The Paralympic Games advocate that people with physical disabilities are like healthy people.

Enjoy the right to play on the field and extend this spirit to life.

To be a strong person in life adds strength to the progress of society.