Different Countries Horse Pins

Horse pins from different countries

The Romans also considered the horse enamel pin as a symbol of the continuity of life. We design and custom make the horse lapel pins for you no minimum order. At wholesale cheap price.

And every October a horse is sacrificed to Mars.

Keep its tail throughout the winter.

As a badge of fertility and rebirth.

Whether in war or in peace,

As the champion symbol of strength in countless cultures, the horse still maintains a steady victory.

It is said that the Buddha has left the physical plane with white horses.

Also in Buddhism, a winged horse is often depicted as having legal books.

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Different Countries Horse Pins

China’s Horse Emblem

As one of the symbols of the Chinese zodiac,

The horse badge in Chinese culture represents Gemini.

It represents practicality, love, endurance, dedication and stability.

As a symbol of Native Americans,

The symbolic meaning of the horse combines the basic forces of the earth with the whispers of wisdom in the spiritual wind.

The horse has long been helped by Native Americans.

Messengers and pioneers of spiritual knowledge. Being regarded as a symbol of wildness and freedom,

Native Americans saw many potential in the symbolic nature of this noble creature.

Another aspect of Native American symbolism is the horse\’s understanding.

This understanding arises only when humans and animals enter into silent contracts-

Recognize mutual respect and responsibility.

As in ancient cultures, the symbolic meaning of a horse is as strong in dreams as in Carl Jung\’s view that the horse represents the intuitive aspect of human nature.

And think it is the symbol of the human body in some dreams. Seeing yourself riding in a dream may indicate that you will see a successful project or event.

Dropping your horse in your dream shows that you are nervous about the project or event you plan.

Dreaming of a bridle, a carriage, a rope, etc. indicates that you feel constrained.

Desire more freedom in life. The horses in your dreams indicate the need to break old habits.

More symbols about animals in dreams, the meaning of lapel pins,

Please check out more “Dreaming Animals” and I hope you like the summary of this horse symbol.

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Horses are a powerful balance of power and a profound position in many cultures and in any human perspective. As always, thank you for your reading.